The Hills Bark Blower

The Hills BARK BLOWER trucks supply and install growing media for new and retrofitted green roofs.


The Hills BARK BLOWER company is involved in the development of the green roof industry in Australia. There is a list of environmental benefits to establishing the practice of green roofs in Australia. Listed below are a few points outlining why The Hills BARK BLOWER is investing a great deal of time and money developing our best practice for this specialised green industry.

Create useable green space, reduce urban heat island effect, increase value of high rise building space and manage stormwater runoff.

High density living has created less and less green space for community interaction. Green roofs can offer the opportunity for new recreation areas in population dense environments where traditionally there was little available.

The Urban Heat Island Effect is when large buildings heat up during the day and radiate the heat at night to create artificial hot spots in the warmer months. It is most noticeable in built up areas. Construction materials consist largely of materials that store heat and create this problem.

Research has indicated that there is a significant drop in temperature if even a small proportion of buildings in dense areas have a greenroof.

Stormwater runoff is both reduced and filtered with an increase of green space. Water management is a high priority in Australia and green roofs offer another opportunity to catch and reuse grey water in built up environments.

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